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Become CompTIA Security Certified

Nationally Recognized  CompTIA Security Training!

Acend is pleased to offer the official authorized CompTIA Security courses. Our CompTIA Security Course contains five days of intense training from our certified industry experts. This course is designed to assist students in obtaining their CompTIA Security certification for an unbelievably low price.

This course is targeted toward an Information Technology (IT) professional who has networking and administrative skills in Windows-based TCP/IP networks and familiarity with other operating systems, such as NetWare, Macintosh, UNIX/Linux, and OS/2, who wants to: further a career in IT by acquiring a foundational knowledge of security topics; prepare for the CompTIA Security Certification examination; or use Security as the foundation for advanced security certifications or career roles.

CompTIA Security validates knowledge of systems security, network infrastructure, access control, assessments and audits, cryptography and organizational security. It is an international, vendor-neutral security certification that is taught at colleges, universities and commercial training centers around the world. Although not a prerequisite, it is recommended that CompTIA Security candidates have at least two years of on-the-job technical networking experience, with an emphasis on security. The CompTIA Network certification is also recommended.

Because human error is the number one cause for a network security breach, CompTIA Security is recognized by the technology community as a valuable credential that proves competency with information security.

What You'll Learn:

  • Security Fundamentals
  • Security Threats
  • Hardening Internal Systems and Services
  • Hardening Internetwork Devices and Services
  • Securing Network Communications
  • Securing Web Applications
  • Managing PKI
  • Managing Certificates
  • Enforcing Organizational Security Policies
  • Monitoring the Security Infrastructure
  • Managing Security Incidents
  • Identify Social Engineering Attacks
  • Classify Software Attacks
  • Identify Network Attacks
  • Harden Base Operating Systems
  • Harden Directory Services
  • Harden DHCP Servers
  • Harden Network File and Print Servers
  • Harden Internetwork Connection Devices
  • Harden DNS and BIND Servers
  • Harden Web Servers
  • Harden FTP Servers
  • Harden Network News Transport Protocol (NNTP) Servers
  • Harden Email Servers
  • Harden Conferencing and Messaging Server
  • Secure Network Traffic Using IP Security (IPSec)
  • Secure Wireless Traffic
  • Secure Client Internet Access
  • Secure the Remote Access Channe
  • Install a Certificate Authority (CA) Hierarchy
  • Harden a Certificate Authority
  • Back Up Certificate Authorities
  • Restore a Certificate Authority
  • Enroll Certificates for Entities
  • Secure Network Traffic Using Certificates
  • Renew Certificates
  • Revoke Certificates
  • Back Up Certificates and Private Keys
  • Restore Certificates and Private Keys
  • Enforce Corporate Security Policy Compliance
  • Enforce Legal Compliance
  • Enforce Physical Security Compliance
  • Educate Users
  • Scan for Vulnerabilities
  • Monitor for Intruders
  • Set Up a Honeypot
  • Respond to Security Incidents

Upcoming Class Dates:

Why Choose Acend for your training?

Whether you want to build your on-the-job skills, or plan a new career, we’re here to help. Acend will build a learning plan to meet your specific training needs, fit your schedule, and bring your goals within reach.

Benefits of the Acend Modern Classroom:

  • With 6 times the class dates available (Tuesday-Thursday in two convenient locations), by far the largest frequency of date choices with no cancellations
  • Certified Course Material and Instructors
  • Ability to accomplish more AND focus only on topics relevant to your objectives during class. OR…finish learning plan in less time.
  • Greater knowledge transfer/retention due to your ability to work one-on-one with the subject matter expert at a pace that is appropriate for you and NOT be required to cover content that is irrelevant to you (either you know it already or don't need to know it for your job)
  • Post session 24/7 online mentoring and support
  • Cost effective on-site training also available.


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