Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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Pen Testing Specialist Training

Obtain the Information Security skills you need to become a success Network Penetration Tester with Acend Corporate Learning hands-on, modern classroom, instructor-led training courses. Our Pen Testing classes are task-based and focus on real-world uses and challenges individuals face in their day to day environments.

(CPTS) Certified Penetration Testing Specialist (Mile2)

CPTS is built on proven hands-on Penetration Testing methodologies as utilized by an international group of vulnerability consultants. The CPTS presents information on the latest vulnerabilities and defenses. This class also enhances the business skills needed to identify protection opportunities, justify testing activities and optimize security controls appropriate to the business needs in order to reduce business risk. We go far beyond simply teaching you to “Hack” -- the norm with the classes that have been available until now. Our course is developed based on principles and methods used by malicious hackers, but its focus is professional penetration testing and securing information assets.

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Get started by requesting information with the form to the left, or call 866-538-1296. To chat with a live representative, please click on chat request above.We'll respond quickly and get you all the information to get the Pen Testing skills you need.

Previous Complimentary Seminars

Can your company afford to lose money and time to hackers or viruses?

Each year hackers, viruses and other high-tech interferences cause companies billions of dollars in damages. Learn more about what it takes to ensure your company network is not at risk.

The best defense is a good offense - Acend Corporate Learning shows you how to:

  • Evaluate your company network for possible risks
  • Understand many types of attacks
  • Educate your employees on Information Security
  • Handle and understand the Top 5 Security Needs

Clcik here to learn more about this Complimentary Information Security Seminar.

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