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ITIL Training

Are you working for a company who has implemented or is considering implementing? Want to obtain certification in one of the hottest in demand skills?

Businesses move at a fast pace. IT must keep-up and often lead the way in helping the business achieve its objectives. In order to move efficiently, effectively and economically, IT professionals need to utilize best practices. ITIL provides a framework of proven processes embedded within a lifecycle approach that has become the de facto standard for IT service management around the world.

Acend's ITIL V3 Foundations classes are a 3-day intensive program designed to provide a no non-sense introduction to ITIL and certification by professionals who have actual experience in implementing best practices.

Key Topics Covered Include

  • Service Strategy - focuses on the identification of market opportunities for which services could be developed in order to meet requirements on the part of customers.
  • Service Design - the activities that take place in order to develop strategy into a design document which addresses all aspects of a proposed service.
  • Service Transition - looks towards implementing service design activities and creating or modifying new or existing services.
  • Service Operation- focuses on the activities required to operate the services and maintain their functionality as laid out in Service Level Agreements.
  • Continual Service - the ability to deliver continual improvement to the quality of the services that the IT organization delivers to the business.

Course Completion

Upon the completion of Acend's ITIL V3 Foundations courses, students learn how to:

  • Explain all ITIL process components, including goals, key terms, responsibilities, relationships, benefits, and keys to success
  • Prepare themselves to pass the ITIL Foundation exam
  • Leverage ITIL concepts and practices in their daily work

Features & Benefits of ITIL Certification at Acend

  • Complete "turnkey" comprehensive ITIL V.3 training program
  • Gain practical ITIL skills you can immediately use on the job
  • Increase your effectiveness on the job in days, not months and years
  • Access to a wide range of ITIL-related experts and instructors
  • World-class course material
  • All students receive a copy of the course presentation
  • Actionable learning, case studies, classroom discussions and Q&A sessions
  • After class students may take the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
  • Snacks provided on each day of class
  • Opportunity to network with your colleagues and peers in both the same and different industries
  • Provides tangible evidence of career growth for potential salary increase and/or promotion

Why Choose Acend for your ITIL training?

  • 99% Pass rates to date on all ITIL Foundations Exams.
  • By far the largest frequency of date choices
  • Certified Course Material and Instructors
  • Our private classes are delivered by a highly trained and author-approved ITIL Experts trainer... not just any random contractor who read a book!
  • We use PowerPoint during lectures, but we don't do "death by slide" - our students are digging into the product, deeper every day. You're guaranteed to have a "super geek moment", a moment of realization that you can bend to your whim; you won't be bored to sleep by slide-after-slide-after-slide.
  • Our classes are "instructor led, student driven." If we need to spend more time on a particular subject, we will. We'll even shuffle modules around if it helps our students learn. It's all about making YOUR experience the best it can be. 
  • Your Company will Save Big on group on-sites of 6 or more students. Get ITIL V.3 Certification Training FAST on-site at your location for a fraction of the price of our public scheduled courses!

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