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Microsoft ASP .NET Training

Learn the skills to use and master Microsoft ASP.NET with Acend Corporate Learning hands-on, instructor-led, modern classroom training courses. Our Microsoft ASP.NET classes are task-based and focus on real-world uses and challenges individuals face in their day to day environments.

Sample Courses

  • 2717: Introduction to Microsoft® .NET Development: This two-day instructor-led seminar provides students with an introduction to the technologies that comprise the Microsoft .NET strategy. This course is a high-level overview of multiple aspects of .NET, and is intended as a starting point for developers and business decision-makers to evaluate Microsoft .NET tools and technologies. As an introductory seminar, it provides pointers to training courses and other resources that give more detail on specific topics.

  • 2310 B: Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET: This five-day, instructor-led modern classroom course will teach Microsoft Visual Basic programmers and beginning Web developers the fundamentals of Web application site implementation by using Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. This course focuses on using the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment and the Microsoft .NET platform to create an ASP.NET Web application that delivers dynamic content to a Web site.

  • 2524: Developing XML Web Services Using Microsoft ASP.NET: The goal of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that are required to develop Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web services-based solutions to solve common problems in the distributed application domain. The course focuses on using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft ASP.NET to enable students to build, deploy, locate, and consume Web services.

  • 2640: Upgrading Web Development Skills from ASP to Microsoft ASP.NET: This three-day, instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to successfully upgrade their existing Active Server Pages (ASP) skills, as well as upgrading their Web applications, to Microsoft ASP.NET. This course also explains the new features of ASP.NET that can then be leveraged to improve an existing Web application.

  • 2311: Advanced Web Application Development Using Microsoft ASP.NET: This three-day, instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to successfully design and implement Web applications using Microsoft ASP.NET. This course assumes student exposure to the new features of ASP.NET that can be leveraged for Web applications matching corporate requirements.

  • 2663: Programming with XML in the Microsoft® .NET Framework: This three-day instructor-led his course teaches developers how to program with XML in the Microsoft® .NET Framework in order to build Microsoft Windows® or Web-based integrated applications that are easier to build, scalable, and flexible.
Why Choose Acend for your training?

Whether you want to build your on-the-job skills, or plan a new career, we’re here to help. Acend will build a learning plan to meet your specific training needs, fit your schedule, and bring your goals within reach.

Benefits of the Acend Modern Classroom:

  • With 6 times the class dates available (Tuesday-Thursday in two convenient locations), by far the largest frequency of date choices with no cancellations
  • Certified Course Material and Instructors
  • Ability to accomplish more AND focus only on topics relevant to your objectives during class. OR…finish learning plan in less time.
  • Greater knowledge transfer/retention due to your ability to work one-on-one with the subject matter expert at a pace that is appropriate for you and NOT be required to cover content that is irrelevant to you (either you know it already or don't need to know it for your job)
  • Post session 24/7 online mentoring and support
  • Cost effective on-site training also available.

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