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Modern Classroom

The Modern Classroom is a blend of traditional learning methods, which enables participants to learn what they need, when they need it, with the ability to put that knowledge and skills to use quickly. Participants attend class in one day increments (which can be non-consecutive days). Classes are a mixture of lecture, lab and Q/A.

Practical labs reinforce learning objectives utilizing vendor-authorized courseware. A dedicated certified instructor/mentor guides participants through their customized learning curriculum, providing 1-on-1 mentoring and Q/A. Each participant meets with his/her instructor on the first day of training to develop a personalized learning plan for. Among other details, the Learning Plan identifies the “touch-points” where the instructor will work one-on-one with the participant on key aspects of the course.

Modern Classroom Benefits for the Organization

Minimize the difficulty of scheduling your employees to be out of the environment: Flexible scheduling allows learning to occur one day at a time on non-consecutive days. No course cancellations make it easier to plan. Get the skills when they are needed – all courses run almost every month so organizations don’t have to wait to learn the skills to properly support business. No waiting for courses.

Lessen the impact of having employees away on training: Minimize the days away from work – individual learning plans (which take into account previously-acquired knowledge and skills) focus on the organization’s needs. Employees can learn skills specific to their particular roles, rather than entire courses – putting them back on the job sooner.

More effective learning: Employees learn on live software with access to vendor authorized materials and labs. Employees can bring in work-related examples for direct coaching from the instructor to build real-world solutions – and learn skills directly relevant to their jobs. Employees can schedule their learning to occur in “digestible amounts” (which can be a day at a time over several weeks) to allow them to better retain and apply knowledge and skills learned.

Modern Classroom Benefits for the Participant

Flexible daily scheduling/learning: Start any class any day. Participants learn when they want and as their schedules and workplace demands permit – 5 days in a row or on non-consecutive days, come in late or leave early. No need to be out of the office for several days at a time. Learn “digestible amounts” at a time. Take breaks whenever needed. Participants control the pace of lectures and labs to suit the way they learn. Learn more, faster – or take your time to make sure it all sinks in.

One-on-one instruction: No hesitation over asking “dumb” questions in a group. The mentors are certified instructors, providing assistance with lab work, and the guidance to help achieve learning and certification objectives. Your mentor is your personal learning coach. Custom learning development plans focus on the material relevant to participant’s needs. Pre-assessment provides the identification of key material, and also that material which isn’t required. Fast-track learning with the content you need.

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