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Microsoft SQL Server 2008What's New in Microsoft SQL Server 2008:
Acend Education First Look Series

These Complimentary Videos will take you through the main components of SQL Server 2008 while answering the question: "Why Should I use SQL Server 2008." You will gain an understanding of what SQL Server 2008 is and how it can be used to store important corporate data.  

Table of Contents



SQL Server Training

Learn the skills to use and master Microsoft SQL Server with Acend Corporate Learning hands-on, instructor-led, modern classroom, training courses. Our Microsoft SQL Server classes are task-based and focus on real-world uses and challenges individuals face in their day to day environments.

Check out our schedule and the latest SQL Server 2008 Training.

Relevant Articles
Upgrade to SQL Server 2008 – For Business, Technology, or Career?

Upgrading to the latest technology is the desire of many companies as well as IT professionals. Everyone wants to have the latest and greatest version of whatever they are using. With the recent release of SQL 2008, getting up to speed is necessary from a few different perspectives, business, technology and career are among the most prominent. From your perspective what are the drivers to upgrade to SQL Server 2008? Have executives in your company provided you with their insight or opinion of upgrading to SQL Server 2008?

Making a compelling reason in the uncertain economic times to upgrade to SQL Server 2008 may be difficult in some organizations but it is certainly a must. It is necessary to understand where your organization or specific projects fall in relation to upgrading and where it currently sits on your company's decision maker’s priority list. If your organization has not been considering upgrading, try to learn about what the decision making factors are and understand how leveraging technology is perceived by the business, before going down a path that they have no interest in. 

Read more about Upgrade to SQL Server 2008 - For Business, Technology or Career?.

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